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Humans of Agape

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Humans of Agape #14 Paul Duncan

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Here are Paul's famous questions to start a conversation or to go deeper:

If you are going to use these in a live situation I suggest that you write them out before hand in a note book rather than appearing before the person with such a formal looking list. The list being handwritten communicates to the other person that you thought about these questions for them: so here goes in no particular order:

• What does your boss/leader expect of you?

• What do you expect of them?

• What do you expect from your staff? Have you told them?

• When did you last intentionally develop one of your team leaders?

• In the last 7 days have you received recognition/praise for good work?

• How much thinking time have you put in your schedule?

• Is there someone in the ministry who encourages your development?

• What causes you to grow?

• What’s the main thing that you have learnt over the last 6 months?

• What would you consider your main strengths to be?

• What would other consider your strengths to be?

• What do you pray for your self?

• Personal W/B/S

• What 3 decisions/activities are causing you the most stress?

• Do you have a best friend in the ministry?

• How can I help you?

• What area/areas do you think your team would say you need to improve in?


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Agape Europe is a community of people who make Jesus known so lives are changed and Europe is transformed. We want to bring spiritual hope and help to people from all walks of life. But who are these people who make up this community? And what is God doing across Europe? In this podcast Jochen Geck, himself on staff at the Berlin city hub in Germany, interviews people who are on staff with Agape to talk with them about what God is doing in their lives and ministries.

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